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Campaign Success!

On 20 November 2013, John McDonnell MP introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill calling for Regulation of Refractive Eye Surgery.

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On Sunday 16 March @ 11.00am, BBC Radio '5 Live Investigates'
will expose Optimax and Optical Express.

See: http://www.optimaxruinedmylife.com/page26.php for updates!



Please feel free to post anything on the new Ultralase Blog (tab to the left)

More information can be found at www.optimaxruinedmylife.com

Optimax owner Russell Ambrose sent out a letter to all of it patients telling them the forthcoming news with regards to
Ultralase and their closure. This letter clearly states that the lifetime care originally promised
to you is no longer valid!

More details here:

Looks like Russell Ambrose is following hot on the heels of rival David Moulsdale with all but two of the remaining fourteen Ultralase branches put into administration yesterday.

The only two remaining are Cardiff and Harley Street.

I'm sure Moulsdale will be able to give Russell tips on how to write off owed Inland Revenue taxes as well as telling him how to lose some of those damaged patients suing him

Yesterday's closures make this a joke:
5 December 2012: "Optimax rescue guarantees Ultralase's future"


Let's hope he will keep his promise made back then: "I will ensure everyone is looked after in the future."


Owner Russell Ambrose is sole proprietor of Ultralase and Optimax UK

If you're unhappy with the results of eye surgery (including RLE, IOL, etc...) at Ultralase or Optimax please contact: mr.absuk@gmail.com

After her own eyes were damaged by Dr Wilbert Hoe at Optimax UK Sasha Rodoy launched 'My Beautiful Eyes' Campaign for government legislation to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry.

Sasha also offers a free advisory service for the countless numbers similarly damaged by this industry.


Contact Sasha for help and advise: info@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk

Ultralase patients can join the Forum chat and catch up with latest updates here!


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